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We are 23 passionate, dynamic, and educated women committed to promoting understanding, awareness and acceptance, of survivors of sexual violence. Our goal is to advocate for positive changes within our communties, as well as the state and federal level, to end the ever-present global epidemic of sexual violence.

Yes, we are the 1 in 4 statistic.

We are survivors of incest, molestation, drug-facilitated rape, partner rape, non-stranger rape, and stranger rape. Yet, we are also just like you or someone you know. We are your daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, partners, friends, colleagues and your neighbors.

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TEAM SOAR would like to thank the following:

  • Aileen Pincus of The Pincus Group, Inc. for providing the TEAM with a pro-bono media-training workshop. You and your staff have provided the TEAM with confidence and knowledge to further enhance our goals.

  • Emmet Malmstrom, the TEAM’s official photographer, for donating his time and talent to capture the amazing portraits. You made us feel like rock stars. We love you!

  • Director John Gillis and the Office for Victims of Crime for providing funding so the TEAM could gather in DC for the media-training workshop. It was an experience each of us will always remember.

  • Debi Terry for being the TEAM SOAR counselor. Your support, encouragement, and friendly ear keep us motivated!

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